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Wanita (Wāhine/Women)
Malay (Te Reo Māori / English)


Muslim women of today carry the legacy of those before us - did you know the first University was founded by a Muslim woman? We continue to excel and lead in all facets of life - from politicians to artists, leaders, athletes, mothers, health care professionals... the list goes on. 


We acknowledge that being a Muslim woman in this day and age comes with hidden complexities – there are many expectations placed on us from family, culture, and society. Having a strong sisterhood of support is important, to celebrate the beautiful times and to support you through your toughest.

Muslim Wellbeing Ōtautahi hopes to create a space for women to celebrate the beauty of being a Muslim woman, to have open and honest conversations about our struggles, to uplift and learn from each other, and create a sisterhood of support and love.

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Wanita (Women)
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Useful Resources

Wanita specific resources are coming soon!

General resources can be found on our Resources page.


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Wanita (Wāhine _Women)
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