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Individual Wellbeing Support

We offer culturally responsive, multilingual support for families in the Muslim community of Ōtautahi Christchurch. Our service is confidential, non-judgemental, and focused on the individual needs of each client. 

To provide Individual Wellbeing Support, we match you with a Wellbeing Practitioner who is best suited to your cultural and language needs. Your Wellbeing Practitioner will complete an assessment to identify your current needs and work with you to create a plan towards your goals.

Your wellbeing plan will reflect on your physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. 

Your wellbeing goals could involve:

  • Pursuing a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and healthy eating 

  • Relationship building with friends and family  

  • Connection with the community 

  • Connecting with community groups and programmes to enhance wellbeing 

  • Finding study, training, and employment opportunities including support with applications 

  • Connecting with your faith 

  • Access to social, legal, health and community services  

  • Advocacy with social, legal, health and community services


Meet our Muslim Wellbeing Practitioners

Ki te kotahi te kākaho ka whati, ki te kāpuia, e kore e whati.

When a reed stands alone it can easily break, but when bound together it is unbreakable.

Mental Health Pathways

We understand that navigating the mental health system can be overwhelming. Our mental health clinicians can work alongside you to understand your mental health needs and link you to appropriate services and pathways.

Our mental health clinicians have capacity to provide therapy, but this is limited. Alternatively, we can help identify possible avenues for you to receive therapeutic support in the community.  


Mental Health Clinicians


Aamina Ali

Dclin(Psy), Bsc, Bsc (Hons), PGdip Secondary


Dena Makarios

Intern Clinical Psychologist 

Theraputic Pathways in the Community

Community Groups & Programmes

We believe it is important to ensure our community is connected, and we offer various initiatives to nourish the wellbeing of our community. This includes a variety of groups and programmes suitable for different Life StagesWhere appropriate, we have partnered with other community organisations.

To find out more, check out our What’s On page which includes a calendar of all of our upcoming events. You can also view events on each Life Stage page: A'ilat (Family), Aruur (Children)Shabab (Youth), Hazarat (Men), Wanita (Women), Matua (Elders).

Information Hub

To help keep our community informed and connected, we offer a range of resources listed below.

Life Stages Pages

Information, events, and resources by Life Stage:

A'ilat (Family), Aruur (Children)Shabab (Youth), Hazarat (Men), Wanita (Women), Matua (Elders)



We maintain an extensive directory of useful Resources (e.g. helplines, health and wellbeing, financial, school, local Muslim businesses etc).


If you have any suggestions for our directory, we'd love to hear from you - please Contact Us.

What's On

Explore our group programmes and events calendars, including Muslim Wellbeing Ōtautahi events and community events. 


If you have any suggestions for our community calendar, we'd love to hear from you - please Contact Us.


Social Media

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