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Hazarat (Tane/Men)

A reference to men in Pakistani/Iranian/Afghan/Turkish communities (Te Reo Māori / English) 


The role of a man traditionally holds a lot of honour and power, but it also comes with a large amount of responsibility. Life can start to feel overwhelming, and it can feel like there’s not enough time to do everything you need or want to do.


We know that it can be hard for men to open up or reach out for help when society makes you feel less of a man for doing so. It can also be difficult to show emotions when you feel like you need to be the one that keeps it together for the whanau (family).


Our events are designed for men to be able to connect and have fun on a regular basis, increase conversation on important topics, and breakdown the barriers that prevent reaching out for help. We aim to keep it simple – catch up, have a convo, share some food, watch a game together, play some sports/games etc – but connect on a regular basis.

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Hazarat (Men)
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Past Events

Below are a few photos/videos from past events!

Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Hazarat specific resources are coming soon!

General resources can be found on our Resources page.


If you have any resource suggestions, we'd love for you to Contact Us!

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