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Sudi Dargipour

Muslim Wellbeing Practitioner 

Languages: English, Farsi and Dari

Kia Ora and Salaams,


My name is Sudi. I was born and raised in Esfahan, Iran but have been living in my adopted country, Aotearoa for the last 13 years.

I am an artist grounded in the rich foundation of psychology. As a weaver, I help people weave their lives, drawing deeply from culture and faith. As a dedicated student and lifter, I draw strength from my community. My dream is to be a cornerstone in this community, capable of withstanding pressure and helping others grow into their best selves.

I create a world around me that fosters positive impact, aiming to be a role model for women with backgrounds similar to mine as a migrant. My background in psychology helps me understand and uplift those around me.

I feel privileged to work alongside my brothers and sisters in faith and humanity under the guidance of Kaupapa Māori service.

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