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Kia Ngātahi Driving Programme

The Kia Ngātahi driving program is designed to empower Muslims living in Otautahi to obtain their driving license. It is aimed to facilitate independence and ensure that people are driving legally and safely. Our target demographic are Muslims who can either not afford to pay for professional driving lessons or do not have anyone in their family who can teach them.


What we can provide:

  • Up to 6 driving lessons that are free of charge to the Whaiora (client).

    • Each lesson is for  one hour

    • The instructor will come to pick you up from a designated location, and then drop you back at the end of the lesson.

  • If you require more lessons after completing the first 6, we can provide up to 6 more, but they will not be free and you will have to pay the instructor half of their fee, which is $30 to $35 depending on which instructor you get assigned to.

  • If you need more lessons after the 12, then we cannot fund them and you will have to pay the instructor in full. 

Kia Ngātahi Referral Form

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Prerequisites for the Kia Ngatahi 

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Thank you for referring to Muslim Wellbeing Ōtautahi, Kia Ngatahi Driving Program.

Please be aware that this program has a wait time of more than a month due to the amount of referrals. 

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